Casino Deposit Bonus

So you’ve found your dream online casino and you are confident that you want to continue playing there for many moons to come and as such, you are happy to go ahead with choosing a casino deposit bonus… These forms of bonuses can lead to thousands of Dollars for free, in either a single, or over a series of deposits. Let’s look at what a deposit bonus is all about, what types of bonuses you can get, and how you will benefit from each of these.

First Deposit Casino Bonus

As it suggests, this is the deposit bonus that you will receive when you make your very first deposit at a casino, and they can reward you handsomely if you deposit the full amount that the bonus allows. The bonuses come in the form of percentage matches on the amount that you first deposit, which means, you will get a match on your deposit amount, by a certain percentage, and up to a certain amount. Most online casinos will advertise their deposit promotions as something like “$500 for free”, with a 100% match on your deposit. What it entails is making a first single deposit of $500.00, and the casino will match your first deposit by 100%, giving you an additional $500.00 to play with, for free. You can also choose to transfer less than the $500.00 (this could obviously be any amount – depending on the casinos’ bonus offer) and your chosen amount will be matched.

Multi-Part Match Deposit Casino Bonuses

Multi-part match bonuses stretch and stretch and stretch and you can find yourself still riding the same wave even a year after your initial real money deposit. You’ll need quite a bit of patience if you want to get the most out of your bonus and you’ll also have to be very sure that you want to continue to play at the casino for a considerable amount of time. Online casinos present these casino bonuses by advertising the entire amount that you stand to redeem when you have claimed the entire bonus over the required amount of deposits. The casino could for instance advertise “$5,000.00 free” and this large chunk of money will obviously get anyone’s attention! This is no lie, you will be able to receive the full amount, if you deposit as per the bonus terms. The full casino bonus amount is divided up over a serious of deposits, which can be anything from 3 to 12 months, and you will get a percentage match on each deposit, with the final amount being the one that was advertised. Say you get a 100% match bonus of up to $500.00 on your first 10 deposits your eventual bonus will be $5,000.00. We We suggest that you have a look at the multi deposit bonus available at the Royal Vegas online casino. The sign up bonus is up to 1200 free, spread over 3 deposits and works as follows:

  1. Up to 250 free with your first deposit and is 100% match
  2. Up to 200 free with your second deposit and is 25% match
  3. Up to 750 free with your third deposit and is 50% match

Cashing Out Your Casino Deposit Bonus

Whichever type of deposit promotion you choose, the cash will be credited into your account instantly, and it is your cash to spend as you wish. You can however not cash in on the bonus immediately, and you’ll have to stick around to wait out the wagering requirements before you can withdraw the bonus. The wagering requirement requires players to use and bet the bonus amount several times (check out the bonus t’s & c’s) and once you have fulfilled this requirement, the money will be yours to withdraw. This is another reason why you should really only opt for a match bonus if you intend on playing at the casino for a while. Find the best casino bonus for you here at where we present players with the best casinos to play at and the most lucrative rewards online!