Free Craps

If you have never played the game before, or if you just want to enjoy it for fun, you can play free craps right here at with games powered by different software to choose from. Craps is played with a pair of dice on a table with rules and betting options that are unlike any other casino game. The game kicks off with the come out roll and the number that the dice dished up will determine how or if the round proceeds. Should you roll a 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 on the come out roll, the game will end immediately but if you roll a point, which is either 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the game will carry on with a series of other rules and bet that come into play… Some of the bets include the pass line bet, don’t pass line bet, come bet, don’t come bet, buy bet, lay bet, field bet and quite a few others! It sounds somewhat complicated because it can be so if this is your first time – stay on the safe side of things by playing free online first!

Free Craps Online by Software

As with all casino games, the software that provides the foundation for your game will directly affect the quality hence choosing online craps powered by the best is essential. Craps generally comes in one standard variation, apart from Microgaming online casinos that offer Vegas craps, and so there is not much difference in how the game is played. The only difference comes from a visual perspective where software providers add their own flavour to the game screen. The quality of the graphics and animated effects, such as the way in which the dice roll across the table, the settings and screen layout, are all determined by the casino software. You can play here at to experience the differences before signing up with one of our featured casinos.

Microgaming Craps

Microgaming’s Vegas craps is a very functional game with the screen featuring a large table with big grids showing the numbers and betting options clearly. The buttons are also big and clear, right at the bottom of the screen, making it easy to see where to go to do what. Beginners will greatly benefit from this user-friendly game, not only for the clarity of the table, but also for the comprehensive tutorial that is available before the game begins. Use this tutorial when playing and you’ll quickly come to terms with the game rules and wagering options. Microgaming’s Vegas craps is also great for high rollers as it offers table limits of as high as $1,000.00 although bets from as little as just 1 credit are accepted. Numerous other functions such as the statistics feature and the option to adjust sounds effects are available. Our top online casino choice for Craps is Royal Vegas. The sign up bonus can be used to play online craps – do note that the play through of the bonus will take longer to complete.

Playtech Craps

Playtech online casinos offer a superior version of classic craps with super realistic graphics and animations. The table, unlike with Microgaming’s version, is within full view with mahogany trims and smooth and sleek finishes. Craps tables have a mirror image of the betting options on either side of the table and in Playtech’s version a section of the other side can be seen, as can part of a chair beside the table. This adds to the uber realism and quality feel of the game! If you play free craps you will still enjoy exactly the same game with all of its functions and features. With that in mind, there is a feature that actually keeps track of your game, summarising won and lost bets, which is very beneficial if you are placing multiple bets. Play online at Playtech casinos here at!

RealTime Gaming Craps

RealTime Gaming’s classic craps game won’t disappoint as it offers all of the options and features that games by its competitors do. The game keeps track of your bets and displays your win amount on the table after every round. A useful feature is that the game displays available bets as you move your cursor across the table – excellent for beginners who are uncertain of betting options. RTG also has a more close-up view of the table, although some of the table’s edging can be seen, with bold graphics portraying the betting options clearly. The game is user friendly with simple to understand buttons and navigation bars. The maximum table betting limit is 100 credits, with minimum bets of just 1 credit but you can also play craps online at RTG powered casinos.

Rival Gaming Craps

Rival Gaming has a very exciting classic game with a crystal clear colourful table that looks exactly like the real thing! You can even see a bit of the casinos’ floor, making you feel like you are seated at a real live table. Rival’s craps variant offers the pass line odds bet that is not usually available at all online casinos and this is a bonus as it carries no house edge. This bet can pay out up to five times your original wager. The game is also fully customizable with the option to adjust your game screen, screen size and the volume of the casino sounds that play in the background. Betting values range from just $1.00 up to $50.00 but if you want to play for fun you can always opt for craps where you play with complimentary credits.

NetEnt Craps

Netent games are exceptional, as is the casino software, and you can never go wrong by signing up at an online casino powered by Net Entertainment. The undeniable quality that is present in all of their games is also there in their classic game. Brilliant animation and visuals paired with high quality audio effects provide realistic gaming like only Netent can deliver. The game has all of the betting options that come standard in online craps, with no deviations, making it a straightforward game and a good one to learn with. Table limits are set between $1.00 and $100.00. As with all Netent games, this game is available only as a Flash powered game but this is perfect because you can play free craps by Netent instantly straight from your browser!

Play Free Craps Online at Top Casinos

Craps is a fast-paced game that has always gotten players excited to the point where it can get rather loud around a craps table at a brick-and-mortar casino. Even though you’ll be playing online craps while seated at your computer, and not around a real table, the excitement is still there as top software providers have gone all out to mimic the real thing. Here at we present our readers with a choice of high quality games that run on the best software in the industry. Try out the different games by playing craps for free and select the option to play for real money at our top list